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Welcome to Go2To, your one-stop shop for all things carpooling! Here we research, analyze and promote the latest innovations in ridesharing, giving you insight into the eco-friendly and efficient transportation options that make Go2To the right choice for the modern traveler.


Join the Go2To community - a space where sharing first-hand experiences, tips and stories becomes a real online community. Exchange information, meet new people and discover how Go2To is changing the way we experience driving. Your experience is not just yours - become part of a bigger story with the Go2To community.

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Discover the world of technological wonders with Go2To! We explore applications, tools and innovative technological solutions that make your carpooling experience easy, personalized and of course technologically advanced. With Go2To, your journey will not only be efficient but also exciting.

Go2To is more than you think

Go2To is not just a transportation website, but also an initiator of positive change. We study how Go2To impacts the community, society and the environment. Our goal is to give you a deeper understanding of how your journey with Go2To contributes to a sustainable and connected future. Welcome to a journey that goes beyond the limits of ordinary transportation - welcome to Go2To!

Go2To Share rides, connect lives

Welcome to Go2To, your destination for smart ridesharing that not only saves your wallet but also helps protect our planet. With Go2To, driving becomes more than a journey from point A to point B - it becomes an experience of sharing, connecting and contributing to a sustainable future. This is where technology and community meet, allowing you to share rides with people who go to the same destination as you. Join the Go2To community and become part of the revolution in mobility - travel smart, travel with heart!

We are a young and emerging company that specializes in arranging affordable rides in Eastern Europe. Thanks to our extensive database, we can always offer our customers the right ride. Whether you only want to travel a short distance or are planning a longer trip - we have the right solution for you. Register with us today and benefit from our uncomplicated and affordable service.

Go2To is a ride-sharing app that enables people to travel cheaply. Whether you are planning a road trip or just a short commute, carpooling helps you find the best deals. Anyone can join and offer rides. You can even book your own bus rides! Go2To is the best travel app for anyone who wants to travel cheaply.

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If you prefer a browser, our web platform makes it easy to plan your trip, access useful resources and connect with the community. All you need is an internet connection and we're ready to connect you with drivers and passengers.

Android and iOS apps:
For Android and iOS device users, Go2To offers intuitive mobile apps that make your trip easy and fun.

Huawei users, don’t worry:
We also provide support to Huawei users so that they can take full advantage of the Go2To applications on their devices. No matter what type of smartphone you own, Go2To is your choice for smart and sustainable travel.

Travel smart with the Go2To app, connect with your community and join the ride-sharing revolution. Download the app and start a new journey with Go2To!

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